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Soul to Soul Counseling
1:1 Light Alchemy

In a Private Spiritual Counseling session with Kristin, she will draw from all aspects of her personal development, spiritual coaching,  and guidance to offer your soul a place to rest.  A space to disconnect from drama and find that place deep within you that remembers who you are and a happier, warmer, more loving existence.  With a bit of guidance, you will uncover your own insights and pathways back to your sacred being and a Universal sense of belonging.

With Spirit guidance your Soul Alchemy Journey will never look like someone else’s, but, will always include energetic and emotional healing which lead to insight, ease, and clarity.  These sessions are orchestrated by the energy flow of spirit to bring your life into alignment with your true purpose.  You will begin to notice clarity circling back until you are fully and finally aligned with your Higher Self and Soul Purpose.

InPerson: Single 90 minute session ... $150.00
  • $150 per session. Discount Package Plans available.

    1 hr 30 min
    150 US dollars
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