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About Me

Welcome, I'm Kristin. I believe we are all spiritual beings experiencing life on Earth. Your intuition brought you here at this moment, and I'm honored to share my gifts with you and learn from you. 


I've been on a long journey to accept my spiritual gifts, and I'm happy to guide you in discovering your power. By tapping into this power, we can create a wave of divine light and ride it with full awareness of our true selves. 


Join me in attending one of my workshops, energy circles, or private sessions in person or over the phone.


Let's connect and discover our limitless potential together!


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Usui Reiki Master and Teacher

Merkaba® Reiki Master

Psychic Medium

Angel Intuitive

Angel Messenger

Angel Oracle Card Reader

Crystal Energy Reader

Ordained in the Living Light Center, A Church of Faith and Healing

Bars Access Practitioner

Angelic Living Light Practitioner

I was born and raised in Northern Virginia. I spent most of my early years with a strong sense of not belonging anywhere. I was frightened of everything and sensitive to people entering and leaving the house, even when I wasn’t in the room. My guide, Sebastian, was always there to reassure me and give me the sense of stability I felt I lacked, living in a single-parent home in the late ’60s and early ’70s.

Over the years, I forgot about Sebastian and my other guides, but I always “felt” their presence, even as I struggled to make sense of my quiet and reserved nature and ability to absorb energy and thoughts around me. My family and peers constantly reviewed me as “too sensitive,” “too quiet,” and “stand-offish.” I always thought something was wrong with me and that I just didn’t belong here.

My favorite thing to do to feel connected since childhood has always been to stare into the night sky. To lock into one star, one planet, or the moon and just gaze ... I knew instinctively that this energy connection would soothe my anxiety and smooth out any scattered energy in my being.

When relatives passed, they would ALWAYS show themselves to me to ease my grief. I knew in my soul that they made this effort because they had Love for me and wanted to ease my suffering. But, as a sensitive who could feel and see these energies, this meant I was also picking up other energies that did not serve me, and I did not know how to process and release them. I wanted to fix everyone and everything because I thought that was how to show Love…I was literally carrying so many energetic “suitcases” belonging to other beings that my spirit was crumbling under the weight. 

Fast forward to a breast cancer diagnosis and many, many surgeries and hospital stays. I found myself in septic shock and woke up in the star realm with Jesus, Archangel Michael, and my Beautiful Joy Guide all there to re-direct my energies with Love and an energetic feeling I will never be able to describe. However, I can re-create that energetic feeling and incorporate it into my readings and energy healings. I am honored to be of service, and the message that was sent back with me is very simple:

You are Love....Love Heals!

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