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Find Clarity & Guidance

with Kristin

Unlock the Power of the Unknown 

As a Certified Psychic Medium and Angelic Intuitive, I offer Evidential Mediumship, Intuitive Readings, and Angelic Messages to help you connect to the spiritual realm and receive guidance from your angels. My readings are designed to provide you with insight and direction, as well as to answer any of your questions.


Let me know what you are looking to accomplish, and I will work with Spirit to divinely orchestrate messages for your highest good and the highest good of all involved.

What are the different types of readings?

Angelic Reading

Angelic Readings

An angelic reading is a spiritual practice that involves connecting with angelic beings and receiving guidance, messages, and insights from them. It is based on the belief that angels are divine beings who can offer assistance, support, and guidance to individuals on their life journey.

I will connect with my guides and Angels and request that they connect with your guides and Angels. 


I may or may not be guided to use Angel Oracle cards, as messages guided by your angels are delivered for healing and for moving forward feeling the love and support of your personal angels. 

Evidential Mediumship

During times of grief, I can help you find comfort and healing by connecting you with your loved ones who have crossed from physical to non-physical. Their energy is still present in your daily life, and I am here to offer messages of positivity and light as agreed with the Spirit.


While a photo or object can be helpful, it's not necessary for a successful mediumship reading. Remember, our goal is to bring you peace and solace through this process.

Please know that any Spirits, and their messages that come through during your session, are lovingly deemed by the spirit realm as being for your best and highest good. My ego steps aside, and Spirit is the one communicating with you.  I'm merely a conduit and a messenger. Therefore, any expectations you bring will be of Spirit, not of the being known as Kristin.


Intuitive Readings

I tap into my intuition and read the energy that is in your auric field. 

It may prove beneficial to have some of this energy cleared with a USUI Reiki session, or you may be guided to work on clearing that energy yourself. 


You can feel confident that messages of the light will come through for you and sometimes even for those who are in your daily life.

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