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Kristin is a Certified Psychic Medium and Certified Angelic Intuitive.  She is skilled in several different reading modalities; Evidential Mediumship, Angel Messaging, and Intuitive readings


Not sure what type of reading you need or would like? Not to worry.  Each session is divinely guided for your highest good. 


Let Kristin know what you are looking to accomplish with your reading.  She will then work with Spirit to divinely orchestrate messages for your highest good, and the highest good of all involved.

Kristin offers 1 hour or 40 minute Private Readings. You may choose to have an In-Person reading or a remote reading via Zoom video conference, phone or Email.  

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What are the different types of readings?

Kristin will connect with her guides and Angels, and request that they connect with your guides and Angels. 


Kristin may or may not be guided to use Angel Oracle cards, as messages guided by your angels are delivered for healing and for moving forward feeling the love and support of your personal angels. 


Kristin will connect with loved ones in sprit to bring evidence that their energy is still very much around you and present in your daily life, even though they have passed over to the spirit realm. 

Kristin has and agreement with spirit that only messages of the light will be delivered.

If you choose to bring an object or a photo to the reading, that is fine, but not necessary.  The objective for any mediumship reading is healing and the offering of light where sadness and grief may reside.

Please know that any Spirits, and their messages that come through during your session, are lovingly deemed by the spirit realm as being for your best and highest good.  Kristin’s ego steps aside and spirit is the one communicating with you.  Kristin is merely a conduit and a messenger. Therefore, any expectations you bring will be of Spirit, not of the being known as Kristin.

Kristin will tap into her intuition and read the energy that is in your auric field. 


It may prove beneficial to have some of this energy cleared with a USUI Reiki session or you may be guided to work on clearing that energy yourself. 


You can feel confident that messages of the light will come through for you and sometimes even for those who are in your daily life.


If you choose one of the Online options, Kristin will call you at the arranged time (or in the case of Zoom, she will email you a link to join via the Zoom virtual meeting application). 

If you have not used ZOOM before please go to to launch the website or go to your App store on your phone to download the Free app  

Email Reading 

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Are you someone who is uncomfortable speaking with new people? Then, the email reading is perfect for you. Kristin will communicate with you only through the email you provide.


You will be asked to send one our more picture of your loved one in Spirit. Kristin will read the energy from the photo and provide evidential proof that your loved one is still with you and around you in spirit.

Once you have submitted payment, in the below form please provide the information of who you would like to connect with, include any questions you would like to ask.   Once I receive that information I will contact you to email a photograph of the person. 

My clients are very important to me, if you have not received a reply from me within 72 hours please email me directly.

Email Reading

Thank you for entrusting me to connect with your loved ones.  My clients are very important to me, if you have not received a reply from me within 72 hours please email me directly.

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